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HEED - Neuer Silberling kündigt sich an

Heed gründeten sich im Herbst des Jahres 2004, nachdem Sänger Daniel Heiman und Gitarrist Fredrik Olsson sich dazu entschlossen hatten, Lost Horizon zu verlassen.

Fredrik sagt heute: "Our reason for starting Heed was that we felt that we wanted to hear a band that combines really heavy and aggressive music with enchanting, melancholy melodies on top. I think we have been really succesful with that! The vision we have with Heed is to mix all kinds of metal, regardless if it is Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Nu Metal, Doom Metal etc... We have no limits and do whatever we want with the music. I think,
you can hear in our sound that we aren't afraid of experimenting. Heeds music has no boundaries in the musical direction at all and that's just the way we want it! As long as it sounds like Heed, everything fits!"

Das Album The Call erscheint am 10.06.2006 bei Metal Heaven und enthält den exklusiven Video Clip für "Last Drop of Blood" als Bonus.

Vocals - Daniel Heiman (ex Lost Horizon)
Guitars - Fredrik Olsson (ex Lost Horizon)
Guitars - Tommy Larsson (ex Juggernaut)
Drums - Ufuk Demir
Bass - Martin Andersson
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